Select the dates you wish to come experience HPW.  Once you select your days, fill out the request and we will be in contact with you to verify and complete the registration process. Remember, all of our retreats are on a 2 day calendar schedule (i.e, Mon/Tues, Wed/Thurs, Fri/Sat)

Below are important dates for Arkansas Duck Season:

2017-18 Arkansas Duck Season                                                Youth Hunt Days

November 18-26                                                                              December 2, 2017
December 7-23                                                                                 February 3, 2018
December 26-January 28,2018
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Booking Policy

On May 1st each year, we will begin taking reservations/deposits for the following duck season.  There are two ways to book your hunt with HPW.  You can call 870-282-3001 to speak to a representative of HPW that will assist you with your reservation and answer any initial questions OR  you may also book your dates with an online reservation at by direct calendar confirmation and electronic process.  The online calendar will direct you through the process.

Party Requirements

HPW does not have a minimum hunting party size requirement.  Our lodge will sleep 12 men and we want everyone that wishes to experience our ministry to have that opportunity.  If you have a group of 8 men or more in your party, you may want to reserve the lodge exclusively (See Private Party Reservation).  Parties that have less than 8 men, at the discretion of HPW staff, will be booked with other hunters on those dates.  Most of our blinds accommodate at least 7 hunters (6 and a guide).  If you have a group of at least 6 members you are guaranteed to be hunting exclusively with only men from your group.

Deposits Required

A 50% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required within 7 days of booking your reservation by phone or online.  The deposit may be paid by credit card, check or through a payment app (paypal/cash app). You will be required to include the first and last name along with the email address for ALL members of your hunting party at the time of reservation.  Deposits may be made separately by each individual of your party or as a group payment with one person designated as a spokesperson.

If you are booking a party of 8 hunters or more and would like to have the HPW lodge exclusively for your group, the non-refundable Lodge Fee will be required at the same time as the party deposit and all 8 hunters must have their 50% deposits paid during the required 7 day period. (See Private Party Reservation below)

Payment of Balance Due

All hunters will be required to pay the outstanding 50% balance of their hunt no later than 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date at HPW, unless other arrangements are made with HPW management.  Any hunter that fails to pay the balance by the date required forfeits their reservation and, at the discretion of the HPW staff, the dates can be filled by other paying hunters.

Private Party Reservation Policy

The lodge will sleep 12 men (4 double occupancy rooms and 4 private rooms).  The lodge will be available to be booked exclusively by any group of 8 hunters or more.  This reservation will require a $400 Lodge Fee as a group ($50 extra per hunter).  This will guarantee that no one outside of your group will be in the lodge or hunting during your dates. This fee must be paid at the time of your 50% deposit due. If your group adds any additional hunters to your party above 8 people, the $400 fee will be refunded at the time of arrival at HPW.

If your private group of 8 pay the Lodge Fee but do not have all 8 hunters pay the balance due 30 days prior to arrival date there are 3 options:

  1. You can have other men take the place of the hunter that has “dropped out” of the reservation and the 50% deposit will be credited to the new hunter.
  2. The hunters who are coming can pay the remaining balance due of the group of 8.
  3. If you will not have a full group of 8 hunters arriving and the group cannot fill the empty positions or are not willing to pay the remaining balance, HPW has the right to fill the open reservations with other hunters and the Lodge Fee will not be refunded.