“…He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” -Psalm 23:3b

An interesting observation which one can make while walking through the wilderness is the different paths which are crossed. Some lead to water, while others lead to food or a bedding area for animals. A few paths are heavily traveled, receiving traffic almost everyday, while others are faint, showing either little use, or that they have long been abandoned. Paths show the traveler how to get to a destination, and show others where those before them have gone.

People have different paths that we travel as well. Hundreds  lay before us each day, some taking us to pleasant places, and others taking us to places that we should have avoided. These paths are also observation points for others, showing the discerning where we have walked and what the outcome was.

Christians are not immune to the fact that we travel on paths, but there is often a misunderstanding associated with the ones which we travel: we do not travel paths for our own sake, benefit, or glory. Sure, when we follow down the righteous path which God has set forth, we benefit, but God does not lead us down that path primarily for our own good.

God leads us down paths of righteousness for the sake of His Name, not our own.

As you travel down your paths today, ask yourself this question: Am I choosing to take this path for my own glory, or for God’s?

High Plains Waterfowl.

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