I have always loved all kinds of sports. Some of my best memories have been on a field, diamond or court. With outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, it has been the same. Sitting in the deer blind with my dad or a close friend (once even my mom because dad was coaching) to sitting at a tree line waiting on dove will always be special times for me to look back on. As I have grown and continue to grow in my faith I learned some very crucial lessons from sports. My failures in football specifically taught me that my identity is not in what I do or if I win or not. My father in heaven is going to love me regardless of how many touchdowns or interceptions I throw. The most important thing for us is how we play and who we give the glory to when we are done. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) has always been a big part of my life. It combines some of my favorite things, Sports and Faith. High Plains Waterfowl has a very similar model in the outdoor sports world. As someone who spends a lot of time in locker rooms and hunting lodges, I know first hand how God is viewed and talked about (or not talked about) in most of these situations. Using hunting as a medium to bring men, young and old into direct contact with the gospel is huge. I would highly suggest any hunter or non-hunter that likes to shoot birds and loves fellowship to get involved. I know that numbers of people reached are not the main goal in an organization that shares the gospel. But HPW has incredible potential to reach a large number of hunters who think that God stays at home when the camouflage goes on. In a society where the definition of manhood is so skewed I think the opportunity to put men and especially young men in contact with real Godly men who live out their faith will create an impact that can ripple through families and generations for many years to come.

Case Keenum

NFL Quarterback, Washington Redskins

I thank God for High Plains Waterfowl and its director, Brian Womack. Moreover, I am proud to call Brian Womack an alumnus of Midwestern Seminary. He exhibits a love for the outdoors, but more importantly a love for God. His ministry, High Plains Waterfowl combines his two passions and is sure to prove fruitful in pointing people to Christ, as well as seeing men strengthened in their walk with God.



Jason K Allen, Ph. D.

President, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

There is an incredible opportunity for men to experience God through His outdoor creation. High Plains Waterfowl has made that possible for the waterfowler. Brian and his staff have their sights set not only on green heads but things that matter for Eternity. Do not miss your chance to be a part of what God is doing through High Plains Waterfowl!

Buck Gardner

World Champion Duck Caller, Champion of Champions

High Plains Waterfowl is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You may go for
the world-class duck hunting but I can promise that you’ll come away with
something that means much more – a deeper relationship with the one who created
it all! There have been few experiences in my life that have left such a lasting
impression on my heart.
Our HPW experience was nothing short of amazing. I’ve been on many men’s
retreats, but this was the best by far. Our men left HPW closer to each other and
closer to Jesus than when we got there. We were already planning a trip back
minutes after leaving the lodge.

Jeremy Harrill

Heart of a Sportsman Men's Ministry , North Carolina Game and Fish

HPW reaches the heart of waterfowl hunters in a unique way. And from our work at MXTV, we understand unique territory. For that reason, their pioneering spirit and their culturally relevant calling, we are proud to be a part of the HPW tribe.


Similar to HPW, the evangelism and discipleship efforts of MXTV are spoken in a language and set in a cultural context that today’s generation recognize as their own.

MXTV is an original voice in evangelistic-multimedia for young adults. Painting a new picture of evangelism by creatively using media and technology, MXTV broadens the palette of ways for today’s young person to connect to God.

Creatively rePresenting God’s Word – MXTV’s passion is that this media generation will encounter God, resulting in their salvation.

Tim Bisagno

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Tim Bisagno


“High Plains Waterfowl, together with its Director Brian Womack, brings to the men of our country a genuinely unique opportunity—the chance to hunt birds in the midst of men who enjoy a community devotional walk with God and a study of the Scriptures. Both body and spirit can be rejuvenated. This ministry offers a refreshing walk with God that will make a difference to your family and business. God bless this effort.”

Paige Patterson

Former President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary