Retreats: As a non-profit hunting ministry, HPW operates on suggested donations. 

All of our retreats are Bible based study retreats combined with a shared experience in the field.

Package 1Suggested Donation Amount $695

Our 2 day retreat package consists of 2 mornings in the field and 3 Bible study sessions.  Your retreat includes meals, lodging and Bible study materials.

Package 2Suggested Donation Amount: $350

This is our “Experience High Plains Waterfowl” package.  Many people are interested in learning more about HPW and this is the best way to see for yourself!  This package includes an evening at the lodge, a morning in the field and an invite to join a Bible study session.  Take this time to determine if HPW is the right fit for your group or event.

St. Charles, Arkansas

(501) 860-8513
2875 Hwy 1
St. Charles, AR 72140
World famous for its’ duck hunting heritage, a visit to this area is a must, for the avid outdoorsman.  St. Charles, population 261, sits on the banks of the White River, in an area considered to be the “crown jewel” for waterfowl.  Surrounded by agricultural fields and flooded green timber, St. Charles is a key stop for all migrating waterfowl.
Living up to the reputation as the “Duck Capital of the World,” you will find a small town that is engaged and breathing the duck hunting culture.  While multiple species of waterfowl can be hunted each fall, the mallard is king.  The area also boasts some fantastic opportunities for specklebelly and snow goose hunting.


Our lodge has the ability to host large groups for special events but during hunting season our capacity is 12 guests for the 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Our focus is not quantity but quality. To book your private  reservation you must have 8 hunters. Our maximum capacity is 12 hunters, so if your group is smaller than 8, you will be put with other guests.

The hunts will be in flooded bottoms or on our private agricultural fields.  The fields will be hunted in roll top “pits,” sled blinds or individual lay-outs.  We use first class equipment on each hunt.  If you have never had a “boat ride” through flooded timber, get ready!

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