“Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord.” -Psalm 4:5

Of all the different traits that it hurts to see a child lose, trust is possibly the most painful. From the moment a father or mother first gets to hold his or her child, an immediate bond of trust is formed. google adsense banned The child doesn’t shudder when picked up, tossed around, or quickly loses altitude for the sake of witnessing the startle reflex. The child simply and naturally trusts the one who loves him or her.

As the child gets older, however, a parent cannot make the mistake of assuming that trust will always be present. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we have to work to earn back the trust which we once took for granted. We re-establish trust with our children by consistently being trustworthy; by consistently showing that we love and care for them.

The Psalmist says to “trust in the Lord”, a phrase which is repeated throughout Scripture. Sometimes, however, we struggle with trusting God. facebook down Our struggle comes not because He has changed, but rather because we have forgotten that He loves us.

Whatever your struggle or joy may be right now, remember this: trust the Lord. Just as an infant trust his or her parents, have an unwavering trust for the Lord, if for no other reason than because He loves you.

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