Why High Plains Waterfowl

High Plains Waterfowl is a unique ministry opportunity that combines a love of the outdoors with the priority of the human soul. By impacting a hunting culture, we hope to see waterfowl hunters begin or renew a relationship with God. Experiencing God’s creation affords each hunter an opportunity to understand who God is by his handiwork.

Our desire is two fold: 

To see God glorified through the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ  and To see believers deepen their walk with Christ through discipleship. By partnering with HPW, you will be making a statement that Kingdom matters are important to you.

The waterfowl hunting is second to none. Come experience some of the finest hunting in North America as part of your time with High Plains Waterfowl. We will hunt each day and enjoy creation with which God has blessed us. A world class adventure awaits. At the end of your time with High Plains Waterfowl, the stories should include legendary memories of the hunt and a renewal of the soul.

What to Expect:

Every moment of time has value. HPW understands that and from the moment you arrive until you leave, we will maximize our time together. WHO we are sets us apart. Our days are about more than a “kill.” While that is our focus in the field, we also want each man to experience God on a personal level during his time at our lodge.

Each of our retreats focuses on the Bible study sessions.  We hope to challenge, equip and encourage you to be the person God created you to be and leave our time together “on mission.”   

We are NOT a commercial guide service.  Everything we are, proves it.  From our structure to our core beliefs, we know that life is so much more than a hunt. If your sole purpose is to be able to brag about “numbers,” you might ask me who else to visit. Our experience in the outdoors has taught us that a “hunt” includes so much more than the harvest alone. While we have HIGH expectations, we also understand that what we are doing at HPW is about more than telling a great story of full straps.

A Hunt includes so much more than the harvest alone!